Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lake Elmo Orienteering

The last meet of the season. Turned out to be a nice day. My first time orienteering at Lake Elmo Regional Park. Feeling rather stiff, I wonder whether this is related to the weather or wether I am simply getting old ...

Drove with Tom and as we arrived I saw a message from Bryan who decided to give it a try and asked to tag a longwith me. Unfortunately it was too late. Ian suggested to make sure that the e-punch was secure enough, I find them too tight anyway. On my approach to the first control I ran into someone who had lost his e-punch. Bummer, $35 gone, plus the aggravation of not being able to finish?

I found the 6.8 km red course easy, not hilly at all, made easier yet by the winter vegetation. Runing across the wide meadows was a bit more difficult because the ground was hard from frost which made bumps treacherous and unforgiving. I felt close to a twisted ankle several times.

At control 13 a tall lanky guy passed me. he was going fast. I met him at the finish. Will did the red in 0:45 compared to my 1:08.

My final result was not so great in the grand scheme: and for the route I took:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Como Park Run

First run with a solid snow cover, nice dry powder, 1-2 cm or so. Mellie, my 1.5 year old lab was pulling like crazy, threatening to pull my off balance, onto thin ice so to speak. Glad that I made it home in one piece.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Arctic Commando Trail Run 2008

First edition of St. Paul Central High School Nordic Arctic Command Trail Run at Battle Creek west.

This was a hill run, right out of the gates we climbed the sledding hill south of the rec center. Loved Colin's friends cheering me on!

2008 results can be found here.

Link to all Arctic Commando trail runs.