Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orienteering--Nerstrand Big Woods SP

View 2009 Nerstrand Big Woods Orienteering in a larger map

A few sprinkles when I got there but nothing serious. I love Nerstrand Big Woods, good memories despite that twisted ankle a few years back. This time, my main challenge was as usual one of the long stretches through the inside of th woods. Pretty featureless and thus difficult to navigate. Number 3 took me way longer than it should have and I got turned around close to the intersection near control #11 losing valuable time.

Here is the route on Garmin Connect Orienteering Nerstrand Big Woods SP Red, and here are the results at MN Orienteering Club

One funny detail: take a look at the distance measurement on Garmin Connect: exactly 10 km, h ow likely is that?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orienteering Lake Maria State Park

View 2009 Lake Maria SP Orienteering in a larger map

Check here for my route and splits: Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Orienteering Lake Maria SP

Ran into a nice buck and then three does. The first asters were blooming. Just a gorgeous afternoon, without being too hot, too restless for the mosquitoes to get me. But unable to avoid all the burrs and brambles. Literally kissed the soft black dirt at the bottom of a mud hole. I must have looked pretty funny with sweaty mud running down my face.

Result: smack in the middle, as usual 12th of 24 ... see here, look for the Red Course