Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Akumal-Laguna Legartos Jungle Jog

This is the trail Map at MotionBased, and this is my entry at Goolge Maps. This was fun, meant to get started jogging in hot weather and explore the area a little bit, Including Laguna Legartos. Even though I scouted out the trail head on the previous night, I needed three attempts on neighboring prseudo trails before I picked the correct one. Smooth sailing to the spur going to the Laguna and to another one, too. The trail is well defined and lined on its sides by lime stones. But pst the last spur to the Laguna it became more and more overgrown. My progress went from running to jogging to walking to bushwhacking. I finally gave up, surrounded by harp-pointed agave and entangled in thorny acacia, still seeing the trail continue in a straight line, about NNW. Returned via the beach from a little park.

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