Monday, May 18, 2009

Orienteering at Lebanon Hills East

What a beautiful day! I did the red course, 8.4 km as the crow flies. Pretty happy with my result, placed in the middle of the pack: Lebanon Hills Results The controls were not too challenging, thanks to lakes, topography and an abundance of well established trails. I took my time to pick the best (not necessarily shortest) route and had no instances where I had a hard time finding the control. Hit a little less than hip-high fence at full speed and got an ugly gash on my thigh. It does not hurt and seems to be healing well. One odd thing was the prohibition to use the horse trails. I did not realize this until I noticed the red Xs when reading the map while jogging on one of them. I got off immediately. Rather this way than one of the guys who was stopped by a patrol on horse-back.

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