Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some thoughts about Orienteering in the US

I started looking at trips to Belgium, to check on my aging parents and visit my brother and other family and friends. Like on previous occasions I thought it would be neat to participate in an orienteering event.

There are seven clubs in the Flanders, organized under the VVO and 14 clubs in the Walloon region of Belgium, organized under FRSO. The odd and typically Belgian thing is that the FRSO does not even refer to the Flemish organization on its website.

So Belgium has 21 clubs organizing 2-3 events each per year in an area 1/8 the size of Minnesota (or roughly the size of Massachusetts). That means that there is an O-meet somewhere in Belgium almost every weekend and also that the maximum travel time to any meet is below two hours. Here is a link to the meets organized by members of FRSO (OLVE was my club prior to moving to the US).

I was contemplating participating in the Possum Trot race near Kansas City, MO as I had traveling to the US O Championships held bractically in our back yard near Greenbush, WI. However, both involve a road trip of about 8 hrs each way, more than I can handle right now ... Pretty sad.

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