Sunday, May 16, 2010

Setting Courses for May 16, 2010 Orienteering Meet at Afton SP 2

The following table shows the setter-vetter interaction after course design and placement of tape at the controls. 

Initial Check by Vetter
Response/Action Setter
After field review, Setter and Vetter


The tape is slightly east, at stream junction

Yes, it is intersection of ditch and stream, not stream junction

I see what you mean, it's at the stream junction, moving circle
to junction


The tape is at the bend of the ditch. Circle should be moved

I think the circle should be movedwest, to the bend.

Corrected on map, moved circle to bend

Agreed, it is to west.


I did not find the tape. I placed a tape at the boulder right at
the re-entrant. The clue would be NE boulder or maybe more correct NE small
rock face. The fence is mostly gone. It is not really a boulder field . On
the map it drawn as boulders, but it is more like small rock face. We could
also use the reentrant. That might be more "clean".

Missed this comment and agreed to proposed change.

On day before event, I could not find Vetter’s tape Felt that I
had placed control too low in reentrant and alerted vetter

Vetter, on day of event: moved control higher in reentrant


The tape was sitting in a re-entrant SE of the correct. The re
entrant where you place the tape should have been on the map more clear. I
put a tape in the re-entrant where I think it should be. An alternative to
this control location could be the re-entrant just N of 204. A side re
entrant to the big re entrant with the gully I put a tape there also. I think
that could work for red also? Then there would be no problem with the map.

Agreed to use the reentrant N of original location. Did not
understand which of one of two side reentrants was used and needed to send
Purple Pen file to printer. Of course I picked the wrong one.

Fortunately, the reentrant I had picked was self-explanatory.
Placed control


The tape is located slightly further down in the reentrant,
outside the open. So maybe move the circle slightly west

Moved circle to W



Tape is on the boulder field  just North of the circle

Moved circle to N boulder field



Could not find tape. I hung a tape where I think it should be.

OK, I'll check

Tape found, also original tape, in wrong reentrant


Clue North East side

Moved circle slightly NE and added clue



I did not find tape. Also it is not well defined where control
should be. I would move the control to the Hill top North east of there. I
put a tape there.

Moved circle to hilltop NE



I have problems with this control. If you take it from the road
south of there is seems to be right, but when you take a compass reading
going north it is not right. I think the tape is on the wrong spur, it is too
close to the ditch. Also think the map is wrong. I would suggest not to use
this control.  Maybe use 214 as the third on Brown

Agreed, I'll use 214


Problem: if we switch #232 to #214, Brown #3 to #4 goes through
the camp sites, which is off limits. Any thoughts?

Not good Here is a suggestion #1 221,#2 202 #3 203 #4 204 #5 225
#6 226 #7 227 #8 231  That is about 4 Km Which should be enough for
Brown in Afton?

Changed course in accordance with vetter's suggestion.


Maybe clue should be manmade feature

Moved circle to man-made feature and changed spur to secondary
in clue


Some other observations:
  • I am glad my first event was a spring event. When I was flagging the course on April 14, the undergrowth was still without leaves. It would have been more difficult to set in a late spring or summer forest. I would suggest to pay a visit for a fall event in early spring
  • In case of doubt, ask. The Afton site is odd in that it resembles a huge slice of bread with a big bite taken out the left (or W) side. That bite is of course Afton Alps Ski Area and Golf Course. MNOC is working with the State Park and has to get separate permissions from the ski area. To the best of my knowledge, none of the controls were on ski area property. However, the road connecting the different parking lot provided a natural shortcut between several of the controls. Thus, we should have gotten permission to at least skirt that portion of ski area property.

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