Friday, November 26, 2010

Diepbach Run

I took Thursday off after my 20 km run on the previous day. On Friday I decided to do another run. From Arnulf's house I headed uphill towards Schoenefeld running between the multi-sports complex and the ash running track where I had spent many hours of interval training many years ago, continuing past the monstrosity of the new stadium bleachers that had to be built on the quick when our hometown team, AS Eupen joined the premier league at the end of the last soccer season. The bleachers jut out over the stadium fence and rises easily four to five stories above ground level on top of Frankendelle, the only completed portion of what was to be an express route around town.
I passed the intersection of Schoenefeld and Kehrweg, a place that still bears the name “At the Gallows,” a remnant from darker times when public executions provided deterrent to crime as well as entertainment. I passed Residence Belle Vue, a hotel built in the 1950s in the style of an oversized Swiss chalet, and then several similar buildings, one still under construction. I turn into Opersbach, running past a farm into the woods. Glad to see the fresh tracks in the snow, showing that there are still quite a few runners in my hometown. I jog along the Vita Parcours heading east toward the Diepbach valley. At Diepbach farm, I follow the east side of the valley towards Langestal and the Weser river. Here, I hug the northern hill side heading back towards town while slowly climbing and then falling back towards the Weser. Once at the edge of town, I enter Schorberg after a short but steep climb on Kehrweg. I cross Frankendelle for the last climb towards the youth hostel and finish my run.

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