Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summary of Cross Country Skiing Season 2010-2011

Our trip to Breckenridge was a wonderful way to end this year's winter sport season. I had known by mid-January that this would be my best cross-country ski season to date, thanks to the fantastic snow cover. Like last year, I replaced my running routine entirely with skiing. Because of the low-impact nature of the sport, I was able to much more, a lot of it in the company of my faithful companion Mellie.
Skate Skiing11:57:53150.9193.7712.624:457.847:39
Classic Skiing5:59:3355.5234.509.266:295.7510:26

Some thoughts on those metrics:
  • Initially, I thought that my dog Mellie was slowing me down. While this may be the case for long distances, it is clearly not the case for the shorter ones, those under 10 km. Especially during races, Mellie was pulling hard.
  • More than half of my activities were with that faithful canine. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to ski with a dog at Highland 9-Hole. I hope we will continue to be able to do so.
  • While there was some improvements in my performance without dog, it was by far not as remarkable. I do need to work on my technique.

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