Friday, October 7, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group: Bounding and Resistance Plyos

SISU Weekly Updates

When:  Tuesday Oct 4th, 6:30pm  
Where: Battle Creek Rec Center
What: Dryland- Bounding/Resistance Plyos
Coaches: Mike Nightingale Kevin Brochman

I was holding off till the very last moment on making the decision on whether or not to participate today. After seeing Dr. Abraham last week I was not so much concerned about my knee but rather about the sprained toe joint which still hurt some. I decided that it was feasible and was glad I did so.

With temps around 25 C and not a cloud in the sky it was a gorgeous fall night for a workout. Coach Mike had been replaced with Kevin Brochman, head coach at Roseville Area High Schools. As I mentioned before, it is always good to be exposed to different training methods and pick up a new exercise or do a drill in just slightly different a way to make it more effective. It was the case again tonight, too. Except for warm-up and cool-down, all drills took place on the sledding hill next to the Battle Creek rec Center.
  • Short warm-up jog 
  • Nordic walking, emphasis on moving hip forward and bending rear leg
  • Bounding, emphasis on raising knees 
  • Skate bounding side to side with balancing, emphasizing to swing foot slightly forward of planted foot, simulating arm motion
  • cross-over drill (cross fore-arms up, push off-arms back)
  • Cool down nordic walk
A good medium-intensity workout and no significant issues with my knees or toe. I think I am ready to return to training!
I followed up this workout with an easy run on Thursday morning just to confirm that I can tackle the Minnegoat on Sunday.

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