Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running in Canon River Valley, Randolph, MN

I failed to sign up my son Colin for ACT in a timely fashion. Yesterday we noticed that his test was not at Randolph Heights School in St. Paul but at Randolph High School. But where is Randolph? Thanks to Google Maps we found out that it is only about 45 minutes south of St. Paul. Along the way I found out that the senior class and Randolph High just had their annual tractor parade yesterday. Too bad, we missed it. The town of Randolph turned out as quaint as its location in the Canon River Valley suggested, an agglomeration of less than 50 houses, the Red Diamond Saloon, a one-room post office and the biggest act in town, School District 195 or Randolph Schools.

In this buccolic setting I dropped my first-born for the grueling exam. The question remained how I would do pennance for the sin of delayed registration. Since the saloon didn't open till noon, I had to do the next best thing, go for a run. For that purpose, I had invited my trusty dog Mellie along. Off we went, running into the moring chill, crossing the Canon River twice, first at Hwy 56 and then at Alta Ave. A good, uneventful run, Mostly on dirt roads and flat. Mellie was allowed off leash for long stretches, except when we passed the turkey farm. I did not want to be responsible for my dog scaring to death a couple thousand turkeys. There were a few watchful dogs along the way that warranted protective custody of my best friend. My Garmin device displayed a little more than 14 km (~9 miles) when we finished our round.

View Randolph, MN Run in a larger map or at My Garmin

Since the local watering hole still wasn't open after our return (I sure could have used a cold one) I decided to cast a fly. Easier said than done, as I like to be in order with the DNR. The local service station did not sell DNR licenses, neither did two in Hampton, [Lil' Oskar's is still there, but the cabooze is gone :(  ]. No luck here, either,they sent me to Canon Falls. After some misses I got my license at Althoff Hardware on 4th Street. Friendly service by someone who knew how to work the machine!

Off to the Little Canon River, along Goodhue County Rd. 14. I stopped on Sogn Rd., right by a bridge, there were quite a few rises but I could not figure out what they were after. Still, a pleasant enough hour on the creek; good to be fishing again.

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