Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life

That's why I like to run when on business trips, that's why a switch my every-day routes in many ever so subtle ways and that's why I love orienteering. Wednesday is the day for what I call my "Cadenza Run," i.e. James has a sax lesson at Cadenza Music on Snelling Ave, giving me 35 minutes to kill. Perfect for a quick run down Selby or Marshall or one of the side Streets to the Mississippi and back along Summit Ave.

During the short stretch along the Mississippi River Blvd I noticed a trail a few meters below the street level. Until today, it had been too icy or too wet or I did not think of it, but today, it had to happen. As I ran down Dayton, crossing Exeter Pl, I saw Mary coming home. I stopped to say hi and mentioned my plan. "Oh," she said, "Shadow Falls Trail, I walked it but I've never run it."

So now I had a name: Shadow Falls. A couple of minutes later I got there. The trail access was easy to find. I let Mellie off and was a little worried when she headed straight for the top of the bluff. But she's a pretty smart little pup and did not jump. Or fall.

View Cadenza Run plus Shadow Falls in a larger map

How great to run on a soft meandering trail instead of hard blacktop. We left Shadow Falls on our right and, staying fairly level, ran towards the bottom of the ravine that falls away steeply from where Mississippi River Blvd almost touches Cretin Ave. I had to cross the creek several times, while Mellie decided to run in the creek, stopping occasionally to lap some water. We exited the ravine where the river blvd. makes a hairpin turn.

The rest of the run was as before, though I had taken to taking the alley between Summit and Portland. Alleys are almost like ravines, you never know what lies behind the next garage.


Luke Wiley said...

Hey, found your site through the garmin forums. I like the way you displayed your run on Google maps, how did you do that?

Christian said...

Glad you like it! Unfortunately not that easy. If you simply export straight from Garmin Connect via Google Earth kml file, the file is too large and all trackpoints are displayed.
I first run this through GPS TrackMaker ( using its Tracklog Reducer function. I use "10" from the Tracklog Reducer ssettings, which gives you the most resolution. You can save this to a kml file again, which you then need to import to a new google map. I have also used the export function of Sporttracks (, which works quite nicely, too. Very recently, I noticed that Garmin Connect lets you embed their maps in a web page, which is fairly new, too. Take a look at my most recent blog,, for some examples. I haven't quite figured out how to prevent the froam from being cut off. Other than that it's not bad, It also displays some of the metrics. I hope this helps.