Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group 6: Strength Training in lieu of Classic Skiing (rain)

Weekly e-mail was a little off due to heavy downpours:

SISU Weekly Updates
When:  Tuesday June 14th, 6:30pm  
Where:  Battle Creek Water Park
What: Classic Rollerskiing (4 of 4 - Last one)
Coaches: Ben P, Mike N
Notes: Classic Rollerskiing - look out, here we come....again.  Last classic ski for a bit.

Instead of rollerskiing, we did a strength circuit in the Battle Creek East picnic shelter. The cigar smokers took off after a while, too much wholesomeness for them, but the bicycle bum in his sleeping bag could not be bothered. This is what we did:

Three sets of each series:
Series 1
45" abs leg spread-leg lift
45" arm dips on bench
45" quick up-down stepping on single stair
Series 2
22" abs touch heels left-right 22" static lift
45" push-ups of table or bench
45" jump step on bench
Series 3
60" sideway jumping
60" sideway up steps
60" frontal up steps
Series 4
45" knee bends heel fore, heel side, toe back

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