Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group 8: More Bounding

After sitting out last week because of worries about my knee ache I was glad to be participating again. 

When:  Tuesday June 28th, 6:30pm    
Where:  Battle Creek Winthrop St. 
What: Dryland/Bounding.Fun?!?!?! (2 of 3)
Coaches: Jason Kask - Coach Ben's sub...he will be gone fishing with his kids...slacker!  work hard for him!
Knee drop, quickness, power, balance...need it all to bound - so lets try it.  Jason will work you hard...come ready!  
The gradual ones were the ski walking reps, the spiky ones were the
bounding reps. 

  • Warm-up
  • Ski walking: hip rotation and emphasis on knee drop to get the kick. 7 reps of 225 m
  • Bounding, with hip rotation, knee drop and trying to crunch while poling
  • Cool-down

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