Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Run Since First Half of December

Everything between then and now was on skis. The January thaw made the conditions impossible for skiing, so I switched back to running. Not without trepidations, the roads and sidewalks had been very icy and while it rained hard for the last two days, the temps were barely above freezing. But the run was surprisingly smooth, mostly I was able to run on bare ground. Puddle jumping was more of a challenge, some of these sidewalk ponds looked rather like oceans. I modified my route a bit from the usual to avoid deep snow and slippery side streets.

View Como Park Run Route for Slippery Conditions in a larger map. See also the corresponding Garmin Connect Entry

A good day to try out my new Nike Air Pegasus +26 Trail WR. They performed very well indeed. My previous pair of Pegasus all weather shoes had a flaw that caused blisters on the inside of my arch and needed significant breaking in (of feet rather than shoes) and surgery on the inner sole. Fortunately, there was no such problem for my current pair, it feels very good to have a pair of runners with the cushioning intact.

I saw only one other runner, but at McMurray Fields, a broomball game was in progress and just north of there, a temporary frisbee golf course had been set up and people were playing.

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