Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Good Skiing at Wolverine

Got out with my two friends Joel and Craig, right after breakfast. Headed for the Wolverine Nordic Trails, in Big Powderhorn's backyard. By now, we know the trail system very well and I was looking forward to doing the outermost trail around the entire area.

View Wolverine Outside Loop in a larger map

The trails were groomed to perfection. I started as soon as we arrived, the temperature being 25F. My shoulder felt a little stiff after yesterday's fall but not too bad. I spent the first seven minutes on Powderhorn, Cliff and Cliff Hanger trails climbing to the ski jump. Unfortunately, I was too bushed and to eager to keep moving to enjoy the view. I kept moving along, hoping I'd see James and Colin as I skirted the downhill area. No luck, but I kept moving well. I crossed the two roads without skis, when stepping in the second time, I had some trouble with snow built-up clogging up the pilot bar of one boot. Took me a couple of minutes fixing this. The rest of the round was uneventful and I met Joel and Craig back at the warming house. We chatted about the quality of the grooming when a guy who just returned from skiing said that the Wolverine Ski Club just took out an $80K loan to pay for the new groomer. Keep those donations coming!

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