Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trying something new: Green Acres Recreation Center

Ben and Mike recommended checking out Green Acres Recreation Area for cross-country
Skiing. Because the snow conditions at my preferred locations had been rather poor, I decided to give it a try. Saturday morning was cold but gorgeous. I gave Colin a ride to the Coliseum at the MN State Fair Grounds for his hockey game and kept going to the second road south off Hwy 36, just east of the 694 interchange. A nice rural setting, it's like skiing on grandpa's farm. The xc-trail had a thick snow layer, even where the dirt had started showing through on the field. there were some excellent climbs and some good descents. The snow was very cold, a bit sugary in places and dirty in others. But all in all an excellent alternative for those days when your favorite trail has thawed, is iced over or otherwise not skiable.

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