Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Night Time Skijoring at Highland

Great night skijoring at Highland 9-hole golf course. The surface was soft and fluffy from the 5 cm of fresh snow. It did not look like it had been groomed but many skiers had used the trail before us. Oh well, made for a better workout.

Saw a very bright shooting star in the west, when going up the first hill, along Edgecumbe Pkwy during our second lap. So bright in fact that I first thought it was firworks.

Mellie was getting tired during the third lap but she hung in there. Picked up her pace considerably when we had a chance to pass a fellow skier. I hope her competitiveness bodes well for the City of the Lakes Loppet Skijoring event this Saturday! We really fly when she gets going. Maybe she'll feel animated by the dogs who will be ahead of us.

Planning to be out there again on Tuesday night!

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