Sunday, June 13, 2010

Portland, OR: Willamette River Run

A benign run along a river. I crossed to the east bank of the river at Burnside Bridge, running a gauntlet of homeless people in their sleeping bags, bedded on either side of Burnside Ave.

Nice vistas of downtown and the environs, but the noise from Hwy 5 on the east bank of the river was a nuisance. At the Portland Opera I asked a fellow runner if I could cross the river at Ross Island Bridge. He thought it might be possible but difficult. I ran up a ramp to Hwy 5 under construction, but no way to get to the bridge. I then ran to the bridge on the river trail, hoping there might be a stairway. Non such. So I turned back and crossed at Hawthorne Bridge.

A beautiful view of downtown Portland on this glorious morning. The flat terrain and the absence of interruptions by traffic lights made for a decent pace.


Clare said...

Christian - next time continue along the trail and you can cross at the Sellwood bridge, which is a beautiful view as well. Your run will be a little longer, but almost completely flat,

Christian said...

Thanks, Clare!