Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eupen, from Limburger Weg
Being pretty much up 36 hrs. after leaving the Twin Cities, visited with brother Arnulf, my parents, and indulged in a hearty but maybe not heart healthy portion of fries with a bockwurst. According to Gestur, CNN stated that indulgence is ok, if not good when the bad stuff is limited to no more than 10% of the overall food intake. Gestur did not say anything about the facial creme further down in the article ...

The family decided on a nap we returned home, and I, knowing that I would never get up if I laid down now went for a nice run. It included a jog through Hertogenwald, along the very northern edge of the Ardennes, through Membach, a pasture with plenty of cow pies and back along dirt roads past Loussack farm and Waisenbueschchen. It felt good to run in 17C temps for a change.
Weser, from bridge at Perkietz, Membach

Chapel at Perkietz, Membach

Looking east from Loussack, Membach

Village of Membach, from Loussack

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