Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group 9: Balance, Leaps & Bounds

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When:  Tuesday July 5th, 6:30pm  
Where:  Battle Creek Winthrop St.
What: Dryland/quickness/strength ( 3 of 3)
Coaches: Ben P

Notes: Battle Creek for some dryland and ski bounding and strength (Bring short poles)

I could not make the Tuesday night session and thus joined the Thursday group. Ben had cooked up a good mix of balance, strength and quickness exercises in three separate series. When I arrived, Ben was busy pumping up balance disks. He had some helpers along to coach the different series and to help set up the circuits which included hurdles, resistance bands and cones.
  1. 20 minute warm-up jog 
  2. Balance.  This happened to be my first exercise. We were standing mostly one-legged on a 40 cm balance disk, following the coach's instructions to change our position, in line with classic and skate motions. A 6 lb. medicine ball was soon added, which we were to hold in front and to the side while keeping balance on one foot. We also hopped from one foot to another. The segment lasted about 15 minutes.
  3. Strength and quickness circuit. 
    • Sideways jump-steps from a crouch, explosive, switching sides, 2 repetitions
    • Sideways lunge pushing off explosively. This was a killer exercise! Felt "the burn" in my inner thighs
    • Explosive jumping over low hurdles, feet together, two repetitions forward 
    • Explosive jumping over low hurdles, feet together, two repetitions sideways
    • Bounds over 50 ft., as few as possible, 2 repetitions
    • 50 ft. sprints with resistance tube around waist: partner holds the tube and slows sprint
  4. Skate technique uphill, 6 repetitions 
    • Focus on body position, hip, not shoulder leads
    • Focus on pole timing, crunch while over gliding leg
This was a great workout, especially the strength/quickness portion made my legs, especially my inner thighs feel heavy.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the next three weeks, traveling first for work and then to Belgium ...

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