Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watertown Tercet

Had a couple of fun runs on the east side of Watertown, SD while there on a business trip.

1. Tuesday, 12th July

Surprisingly cool morning in lovely Watertown, SD. No curb when crossing Hwy 212 bridge across Willow Creek, made me feel a little queasy. Ran four straight lines in a square SE of the city.

2. Wednesday, 13th July

Meant to do some hills near the Big Sioux River and figured that I could reach it by way of 29th Str. SE.
Looking at the elusive hills SW of the Sioux River
What I did not know was that there is a ford in lieu of a bridge and I had to turn back.
No crossing. Now I know why the road S of 20th Ave SE was closed. 
Ran three tempo stretches of 1'45" each instead. Beautiful morning!
Sioux River, looking NW towards town.

Redtail hawk being harassed by grackles, some killdeer and other birds and the beautiful landscape along the road and some good ol' country smells like pig manure ...
Running N along 29th Street SE. The building at the horizon just to the left of
the nearest power pole is the Hampton Inn, my abode for the past two days. 
3. Thursday, 14th July

Decided to run north of Hwy 212 today. It seemed hillier running around this quadrant. After I crossed the Willow Creek a bicycle/walking path branched off and led straight north. I decided to follow this path even though it was a shortcut from my planned route. I did not regret it. It started raining when I was about halfway through the run but the temperatures were much warmer than on the previous two mornings, almost uncomfortably so. 

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