Friday, December 12, 2008

Second week of December

Had a decent run on Sunday and every intention to run this week. Instead, went for walk with dog, interesting but not altogether legal route along the bluffs along St. Paul's Westside. Sad to walk by the location where a boulder took out the 191 step tower connecting Wabasha Street at the bottom of the bluff to Prospect and Hall streets on top, the "Green Stairs." (see also, Very sad, I hope the neighborhood groups are successful in getting their way to rebuild the tower. I loved climbing this puppy 4-5 times during my kids' hockey practices at the Ken Yackel Arena ...
Returning from the walk I stumbled over a person sitting on the stairway leading down from Delos Str. to Isabelle Str. Mellie was quite concerned by the lonely, motionless figure sitting on the snowy steps. In passing, I asked "are you OK?" As there was no response, I turned around and asked again, "you sure you're alright?" Then she answered loud and clear and with an older voice than I anticipated, "Thank you, I am alright."

No Garmin log for this one, since I did not run and left the trusty Forerunner 305 at home.

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