Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iowa City Run

Of course, winter was not over and a big snowstorm was announced for Sunday. It was a travel day for me, Colin and two friends. We were heading for Iowa City where they were checking out the university. It had not started snowing yet but we drove through it, entering at about Faribault and exiting around Mason City. In Iowa City traces of snow were restricted to old piles on the north sides of buildings and, amazingly for someone used to November-March permafrost, the lawns were soft and muddy.
Running by the Old Capitol Building
I went for a run hoping to use some hypothetical trail along one bank of the Iowa River, returning on the other side. I was disappointed, river-side trails were intermittent and only on one side. But I enjoyed the run, including the fact that the city has some contour. I also felt like I definitely had my running legs back, even though for the next week (or weeks?) it would be back to winter.

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