Saturday, February 5, 2011

Upgrade to Skijoring Quick-Release

After last week's King Boreas race I must have dropped the quick release bail in the snow. I had changed my setup to comply with new racing rules which requires the quick release to stay on the skier's belt rather than on the tug line. Makes sense, would not be fun to be hit by a 200g piece of metal at the end of a rope tied to a fast-moving dog ...

Anyway, I needed a replacement before the City of the Lakes Loppet, none of the local hardware stare carried something like it and I could not wait for mailorder to arrive. I thought of sailing and after a little research I found listings of a piece of hardware called a snap shackle. I called my friend David, xc-skier and sailor, who directed me to West Marine in Bloomington. I made the trek before the race on Saturday morning and was glad I found one, much lighter than my old one and quite a bit cheaper than similar versions sold by skijoring supply vendors.

I decided that a swivel, which more than doubles the price, did not add enough usefulness and stuck with the fixed bail snap shackle for $15 or so.

I added the para cord for ease of operation.

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