Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter's Fading: The End is Nigh!

In my post of February 13 I described the rapid increase in temperature and what that did to snow conditions up to that point. During the week that followed the thaw continued, taking away about half of the snow pack. I kept monitoring the trail reports on and folks were skiing through Wednesday, February 16. I decided to not push it or switch to my rock skis; instead I went running for the first time since I participated in an orienteering meet in Belgium during the Thanksgiving week.

I woke up around 4:30 on Tuesday and decided I might as well take advantage and head out. My big concern were icy patches. Even though day-time temps were closing in on 10°C and during the night it barely dropped to freezing, the ground was still super-cold. I decided to run on the street, where deicer and traffic kept the ice from forming. This early in the morning I did not have to worry about cars in most places and on the busier stretches of my running route, like Snelling and Lexington, the salt from the trucks covered the sidewalks, too. I made it with hardly a need to slow down because of slipperiness. I knew I would be in for some sore muscles after such a long hiatus from running and indeed, Wednesday was not pretty. I ran again on Thursday, this time without any slippery spots, even on the sidewalk. My soreness was slowly subsiding, and by Saturday I was able to up my pace, too.

Back to the old grind

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