Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter's Back

It was inevitable that we would have some more snow and I am glad to report that the Twin Cities Metro area got a good foot of the fluffy white stuff. As expected, grooming at my two preferred venues, Como and Highland Parks were a little slow on the uptake due to the extra work the snow emergency had brought but a nice track was laid at Como and then at Highland. Sad to say that at the latter location, the meandering course was changed to a simple oval, not even half as long as the normal loop. But I am glad there is a groomed track at all and Mellie and I took advantage of it three times, logging quite a few of the short laps and running into our friends Tom and Mary on Sunday. Not a lot of traffic, doubtlessly due to the Birkebiner events in the Hayward, WI area.

The regular loop:

The shortened oval loop, post thaw and storm, set on February 25:

It's still evolving: as of March 3, adding a short loop. Creative grooming!

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