Thursday, November 28, 2013

Race - Turkey Day Trail Trot 10k - Battle Creek West, St. Paul

Since I was in town I had to come out to support my club. Signed up for the Turkey Day Trail Trot 10 km distance.
Lots of friends, Donna and her husband, Heather, Matt, Tom, Margie, Jim were running, Chris, Dayton and John were part of organizing.
The course was about 3/4 on the ski trail and 1/4 on single track. I liked the layout because it provided variety and was not quite as heavy on the hills. That doesn't mean that this was not primarily a hill event. Great challenge, especially passing the 5k runner and walkers on the single track section. They were very polite and stepped aside to let us pass. I ran much of the way with a couple of guys. One, in an orange jacket, climbed like a goat but was a little cautious on the steep downhills. That's why I was able to stick with him till the last 750 m or so. Great event, happy with my result.


Name Turkey Day Trail Trot 10k
Location Battle Creek West, St. Paul
Start Time 11/28/2013 8:04 AM (UTC-06:00) Category My Activities:Running:Race
Distance 9.93 km Time 00:49:05.0
Time Moving 00:49:03.0 Stopped 00:00:02.0
Average pace 04:56 min/km Max. pace 03:42 min/km
Average heart rate 165 bpm Max. heart rate 170 bpm
Total Ascent 189 m
+19 m/km
Total Descent -194 m
-20 m/km
Weather Sunny; -5.2 °C

Heart Rate

Splits: Recorded laps


Splits: Recorded laps


Splits: Recorded laps

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