Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group: Roller Skiing Classic

You may notice the discrepancy between my the title of this activity and activity type: I don't have classic roller skis, so I skated through the drills. Drizzle and moderate temps were a change to the steamy weather that was with us since spring. A sign of fall, and the actual ski season? Another hint of change of seasons is dusk catching up with us towards the end of the session.

The workout included
  • Striding w/o poles over short distance with increasing lengths, about 6 repetitions 
  • Striding with poles, tricky to get that rhythm going. Coach Mike showed us how it's done.
  • The entire hill, 6 repetitions.
Skate roller skiing on wet surfaces is somewhat dangerous because of the slipperiness, especially when leaves cover the trail. I was extra careful to make sure to stay in control. Eventually I will upgrade to a combi skate and classic roller ski. 

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