Friday, August 12, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group

Adding two workouts from the Sisu Year-Round Group.

August 4, 2011: Roller Skiing Skate at Lower Afton Road, Battle Creek East

Glad I made this session a day after returning from Belgium since this was the last roller skiing session in the series. The exercises included two repetitions each of the following:
  • Warm-up ski from the water park parking lot
  • Crunches with resistance
  • Crunches without resistance 
  • Legs-only with resistance
  • Legs-only without resistance 
  • V1 with resistance
  • V1 without resistance
  • V2 with resistance
  • V2 without resistance
  • Agility with quick turns around cones

August 9, 2011: Benchmarks 2 at Battle Creek West 

(For the initial benchmarks go here)
  • 4 laps of 1.2 km (plus 1 cool-down)
  • 2 sets of leaps over 50ft without poles
  • 2 sets of leaps over 50ft with poles
On the leaps: my stomach muscles cramped up the first time I did this, not this time!

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