Monday, August 1, 2011

Two More Runs from City Center Eupen

Since returning from France I did another couple of runs from my brother's place, similar to the runs I had previously done.

On 7/31 I ran from Bergstrasse past the old ash oval where I had been introduced to track and field, the monstrous new football bleachers and Am Galgen (At the Gallows--they changed the name to something benign, my dad told me that when he was a kid it was still standing there) towards Schoenefeld, one of the roads that leads into the forests on the south side of Eupen. I entered the Eupener Wald to follow part of the old fitness parcours towards Langesthal, exiting the woods at am Blech. I climbed towards the trail below the Kehrweg, crossed the Frankendelle and took Schorberg and finally climbed to the Moorenhoehe. A good run taking advantage of some of the terrain the Eupen area has to offer.

On 8/1, I redid the jog along the northern edge of Hertogenwald, entering the woods from Malmedyer Strasse SE of the Kabelwerke. Like on previous occasions I exited the Hertogenwald near Membach and took Limburger Weg past Loussack and the Waisenbueschchen back to the city.

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