Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sisu Year-Round Group: Dryland Quickness and Power

SISU Weekly Updates

When:  Tuesday August 16th, 6:30pm  
Where:  Battle Creek Winthrop St.
What: Dryland Quickness and Power
Coaches: Ben

Got scolded by coach Ben over my benchmarks: he says my work comes too much out of anaerobic effort and suggests to put in a 140 minute workout with  heart rate at 120 bpm

Today's session was cut short by rain.
  • Warm-up jog 
  • Up-hill runs with resistance, 2 series: 
    • V1 simulation
    • Sideways skipping 
    • Bounding 
    • Bounding with resistance for 4 steps
On the way back there was a lightning strike nearby that put the holy fear of god in me if I believed in it.

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